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Roy van den Heuvel - Ginger-Licious

Roy loves cocktails. He loves to drink them, but creating them is his passion. He proudly pours you the Ginger-Licious.

Roy's story...

Roy was born in the Netherlands. Before he worked at Moomba Beach and got the opportunity to be the manager/bartender at Salt & Pepper. He enjoys creating new cocktails with many different flavors. He also enjoys entertaining people for which he has plenty of opportunity at the popular tapas restaurant. When his guests ask for new cocktails to try, he goes out of his way to create something special.

The story behind this cocktail is that many people ask something refreshing. The cucumber is long known for its refreshing properties. The mix with the raspberry and cucumber vodka is such a special mix that it creates a sweet taste. Adding the honey and ginger elements enhances that flavor along with a dash of spice from the Jalapeno. He describes it as flavorful with a little kick!

Cocktail: Ginger-Licious

Price: $12 Use promo code KING05 to receive $5 OFF.


· Cucumber Vodka

· Lemonade

· Raspberry extract

· Syrup of Jalapeno

· Honey

· Fresh ginger


· Add ½ ounces of syrup ,1 ¼ ounces of cucumber vodka, 1-ounce lemonade, ½ ounces raspberry extract, and ice and shake!

· Pour into glass with ice!

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