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Naomi Ter Wal - Stroopwafel Martini

WOW, this is one we never saw before: The Stroopwafel Martini. Willem's bartender Naomi proudly created one for you.

Naomi's story...

Naomi is originally from Gouda, Netherlands. Yes, where the famous cheese is named after. She came to Aruba for vacation and she liked it so much that she simply decided to stay. First, she worked at Bingo then Nos Clubhuis and now finally at Willem's Dutch Pancakes where she was offered the opportunity to become the manager. She thrives on the engagement with her guests. Naomi says: "The great thing about working at a pancake restaurant is that you have flavors and mixes in-house that normally are not available at a regular restaurant. Which allowed me to mix very different flavors for this cocktail."

The story behind this cocktail is that the 'stroopwafel' originated from Gouda in the Netherlands. She wanted to make something that was special to her and of which she is very proud. To her it made great sense to create this amazing cocktail with the special Dutch cookie. "And it goes well with the theme of the restaurant," she smiles. Naomi describes the drink as authentic, creamy, and caramel-ish.

Cocktail: Stroopwafel Martini

Price: $12 Use promo code KING05 to receive $5 OFF.


· Absolut Vanilla vodka

· Baileys

· Coffee liqueur

· Shots of coffee

· Caramel powder

· Stroopwafel


· Mix the Absolut vanilla with baileys, coffee liqueur and a shot of coffee.

· Add a dash of caramel powder.

· Finally top it off with whipped cream and stroopwafel crumble!

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