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Tatiana Villa - Piña Colada Mojito

When you combine the best of the best, you will get a miracle cocktail. Tatiana presents her special favorite: Piña Colada Mojito!

Tatiana's story...

Tatiana is originally from Medellin, Colombia. She came to Aruba to reunite with family members who already were living on the island. She started working at Hooters before crossing the street and joining the Sopranos team. Tatiana loves working at the piano bar because of the great people she gets to interact with every day. She became a bartender because that's how she could keep being herself, since she loves creating drinks that have never been created before. Her mind can go wherever she desires behind the bar. "It's an inspirational environment," she says.

Tatiana was able to create one beautiful masterpiece by basically merging two notable cocktails. "When vacationers come to Sopranos, they are on a tropical island which means that the food and drinks we serve has to reflect that. This cocktail will help with that tropical feeling. She describes the Piña Colada Mojito as "sweet with a tropical island vibe to it".

Cocktail: Piña Colada Mojito

Price: $12 Use promo code KING05 to receive $5 OFF.


· Coconut rum

· Mint leaves

· Lime juice

· Pineapple juice

· Piña Colada mix

· Soda water


· Mix the Malibu, mint leaves, lime juice, pineapple juice, the Piña Colada mix, and finish it off with a splash of soda water.

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