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Maryleen Ras - Mary’s Tropical Treasure

Meet one of the princesses of the competition: Maryleen Ras of Café the Plaza. She will be competing with her signature cocktail: Mary's Tropical Treasure!

Maryleen's story...

Maryleen was born in Aruba and is a supervisor/bartender at Café the Plaza. Before she worked at Hadicurari, located in Palm Beach. Maryleen loved bartending so much that she even got officially certified in mixology! The creativity, passion and freedom behind the bar are some of the key reasons why she loves bartending. Sometimes she is even surprises herself with the fantastic flavors of her cocktails.

Most of Maryleen's friends are bartenders and they all brainstormed together to come up with the best and most amazing tasting cocktail that anyone can create. Many topics and ingredients where discussed: candy, spices, and fruits. They sure had fun with tasting and testing all combinations. It resulted in a passionate drink from a passionate bartender: the Tropical Treasure! This cocktail is sweet, surprising, and fruity tasting!

Cocktail: Mary's Tropical Treasure

Price: $12 Use promo code KING05 to receive $5 OFF.


· Dark rum

· Amaretto

· Watermelon syrup

· Dadel syrup (date syrup)

· Lime


· Mix the dark rum, amaretto, and ice in the shaker.

· Add watermelon and Dadel syrups.

· Shake it!

· Option* Finish it off with Garnish with mint, yellow dragon fruit, burned orange peel, pineapple peel!

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