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JP Nahar - Kulikitaka

When you put all the notes together, you will taste an amazing cocktail. JP Nahar introduces: Kulikitaka!

JP's story...

JP is an island local and he started working as a bartender after finding his summer job at Moomba Beach. After gaining experience at the popular beach bar, JP moved to... another popular beach bar! He enjoys the opportunity to engage in conversation and interacting with new visitors. He views what he does behind the bar as a form of art that you will taste in his creations. Mixing and creating makes him happy, day after day.

JP got the inspiration from the song by Tono Rosario called 'Kulikitaka'. He respects the artist and wanted to create a cocktail that included his favorite flavors. "Tono Rosario likes tropical flavors," JP says and that is the reason why he choose rum as a main ingredient of the cocktail. JP describes this cocktail as refreshing with a sour kick to it.

Cocktail: Kulikitaka

Price: $12 Use promo code KING05 to receive $5 OFF.


· Coconut Rum

· Grand Marnier Liqueur

· Dry White Rum

· Simple Syrup

· Lime Juice

· Red Bull

· Cranberry juice


· 3 second pour of lime juice, simple syrup, and cranberry juice into shaker.

· 5 seconds pour of coconut rum and dry white rum into shaker.

· 3 second pour of Grand Marnier into shaker.

· Splash of Red Bull into shaker.

· Add ice and Shake!

· Pour into glass and top it off with ice.

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