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Johan de Beer - Peanut Butter Old Fashion

Nothing about this price of cocktails is old fashion... Johan is a top talent working at Nos Clubhuis and this is his specialty: Peanut Butter Old Fashion.

Johan's story...

Johan is originally from the Netherlands and he moved here after his first vacation. During that vacation he extended his ticket for 4 months but loved it so much, he let it expire. He had friends living here and simply fell in love with the island. He started working at Salt and Pepper and in 2018 he got the opportunity to become the manager of Nos Clubhuis. He enjoys interacting with the many happy people he gets to serve. Johan enjoys hearing people spreading the word about his passion for bartending. Johan also enjoys the busy rush of their 'Double-Daily Happy Hour' and the many different requests to handle. Even though he is the manager you can always find him behind the bar.

His inspiration for this cocktail came from the high demand for the traditional Old Fashion cocktail. He wanted to create something a little different from the classic 'Old Fashion' but still keeping the nice and sweet taste. Everyone who orders this special cocktail will get that 'Old Fashion' taste, but the sweet and sour feeling to it as well. That just makes it amazing!

Cocktail: Peanut Butter Old Fashion

Price: $12 Use promo code KING05 to receive $5 OFF.


· Old Fashion Aromatic

· Screwball Peanut Whiskey or Bourbon Whiskey

· Simple syrup

· Cherries

· Slice of orange

· Peanut Butter


· Mix in glass; 2 counts Whiskey, add a cherry, orange slices, a dash of Aromatic, a dash of simple syrup, and small splash of water crush and mix.

· Add ice and stir!

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