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WINNER: Gerson Albay - Mango Mojito


Gerson is the bartender of beachfront restaurant Hadicurari. He wanted to create something that is not known in many cultures with adding salt to mangos. The Mango Mojito is really his unique special cocktail!

Gerson's story...

Gerson was born in the Philippines. He came to Aruba 21 years ago because of the opportunities that Aruba presented to him. Gerson says he is expanding his knowledge and experiences since starting his bartending 14 years ago. Before working at Hadicurari, he worked at Madame Janette and prefers working at Hadicurari for the opportunities that allow him to grow. He loves to show everyone around him what he has learned over the years and even surprises the guests with details they have never thought about. Of course, his guests love it and describe it as "pure magic what Gerson does behind the bar!"

The motivation behind this cocktail is based on the fact that every bartender can create their own unique cocktail. Hadicurari is a beachfront restaurant, offering an amazing ambiance to eat and drink. With the restaurant being situated on the beach, the drinks served should be refreshing. "When people come visit, they can sit down and enjoy the view with a nice refreshing cocktail," he says. Gerson created this drink based on a fusion of different cultures. This cocktail is described as complex but yet easy to make and the goal is to be remembered by everyone who tastes it.

Cocktail: Mango Mojito

Price: $12 Use promo code KING04 to receive $5 OFF.


· Orange Vodka

· Peach schnapps liqueur

· White rum

· Fresh mango slices

· Lime slices

· Mint leaves

· Mango pure

· Simple syrup

· Lime juice

· Club soda

· *Extra* Pink Himalayan salt


· Add 4 lime slices into shaker, add mint leaves into shaker, 1.5 ounces white rum, ½ ounces orange vodka, ½ ounces peach schnapps, 4 drops mango pure, 4 drops lime juice, 3 drops simple syrup, 4 pieces of fresh mango.

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