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Denilson Geerman - Kiwi Sakétini

Straight from the bar at Que Pasa, Denilson takes you to Asia for his signature cocktail. It's crafted with love and passion: Kiwi Sakétini.

Denilson's story...

Denilson is from Aruba and started working at Dragonfly before and during pandemic. He became a driver for the meal delivery service when it was introduced. Since CNC headquarters is located in the same building as Que Pasa, he saw an opportunity to move into mixology when restaurants began opening again. He started working on his bartending skills and creativity. He loves to experiment with new flavors that combine very well together. A lot of his guests inspire him with new styles and flavors of cocktails.

Denilson wanted to make something unique that goes well with the food they serve at Que Pasa. "There is high-end saké used in this cocktail as it goes very well with the fresh sushi that is served at the restaurant" he stated. "Also, in the Asian culture it is very important that everything is freshly produced, so that is key in this refreshing cocktail." says the new cocktail master behind the bar.

Cocktail: Kiwi Sakétini

Price: $12 Use promo code KING05 to receive $5 OFF.


· Kiwi

· Saké

· Gin

· Fresh lime juice

· Simple syrup


· Mix the kiwi with gin, lime juice, and sake

· Add ice and shake!

· Finish with garnish with small pieces of kiwi slices.

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